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Professional Moving and Storage Near Me

Professional packing companies near me come in handy if you're moving from a house or apartment into an entirely new home. Packing up your old place and hauling it away yourself can be a lot of work, but Murphy family movers will take care of all the packing and unpacking so you don't have to. We will help you in every step of moving.

   Commercial Moving Service in Elburn IL

Quality packing services


A professional packing company will secure your belongings, wrap each thing individually and make sure nothing is exposed to damage during shipping. At Murphy family movers, being one of the Professional packing companies near me, we can even help you find a safe packing material for items that are too big or heavy to move in the box they came in. At our moving company, we not only move or pack things, but we also unpack them at the location after they arrive. Your items will be delivered to you with our experienced truck driver who will unpack them for you if needed or requested. so it’s best to leave the items as it is as our workers will handle them for you. It’ll save time and money on your end!


Best packing materials


Different items need different packing materials, some need plastic, and some need foam. The furniture is packed in blankets to protect them from scratches and to protect the wood against breakage and damages during transportation. We use plastics and tapes, and cardboard boxes to pack all other items. Among the professional packing companies near me, we are the most cooperative and friendly. Being a family business, we know the value of family items which is why we do our best to protect them during the move.


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